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  • 84520_01
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    Spy Cam (Discontinued)


    Be a DIRECTOR in the AIR!This amazing indoor helicopter, with electronic gyro for superb directional stability, features an innovative built-in camera for digital photographs and HQ video recording!

  • 84514_01
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    Heli Sniper

    Heli Sniper features a missile firing system, allowing six lightweight plastic. rockets to be launched independently!

  • 84528_01b
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    Heli Shield (Discontinued)

    Super wide Infrared control. 2 channel digital proportional control indoor helicopter. Easy control and extremely durability Precision speed control and Rudder Trimmer. Injected plastic body. Bouncing ring for impact prevention

  • 84541-Pixie Wings-01
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    Pixie Wings

    Magical Flying Fairy hovers and moves without a remote control • She hovers up and down - controlled by your handor anything you hold below, by using sensory technology • Watch as Fairy glides or send her flying between you and a friend • Incredible magical fun that is so easy to use • Start…