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    Heli Splash

    $49.99 $44.99

    The first helicopter to hold and shoot water features in two shooting modes: single squirt or continuous stream. Aim and shoot at the special water reveal targets. 3-Channel indoor heli flies up and down, forward and backward, left and right. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. LED light flashes add extra effects when shooting. Pre-selected tri band…

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    Space Phoenix

    Super wide infrared control. Precision speed control and rudder trimmer. Rechargeable through the transmitter.

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    2.4G V-Jet Mini

    2 Channel 2.4G remote control technology supports up to 10 helicopters. Precise digital proportional speed control for better flying experience. 2 play modes: Helicopter Mode: Up/Down/Left/Right Plane mode: Throttle/Left/Right Able to transform between 2 modes anytime or in the air Sophisticated VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) simply activated by a button press High detail…

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    2.4G Spy Drone

    Quadrocopters with 4 Channel digital proportional control Detachable camera is included able to shoot videos/photos Able to perform high speed video shooting up to 60 fps Able to perform 360° Flip when camera is detached

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    V-Jet Full Tilt (Discontinued)

    3 channel digital proportional Radio Control. Innovative wing and rotor system for VTOL (Vertical Take OFF and Landing).

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    Heli Racer (Discontinued)

    3 channel super wide infrared control. Auto stable. Precision speed.Take off from Vehicle.

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    Heli Mission (Discontinued)

    3 channel super wide infrared control. Auto stable and precision speed. Take off from Vehicle. Recharging through transmitter.

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    Spy Cam (Discontinued)


    Be a DIRECTOR in the AIR!This amazing indoor helicopter, with electronic gyro for superb directional stability, features an innovative built-in camera for digital photographs and HQ video recording!

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    Heli Sniper

    Heli Sniper features a missile firing system, allowing six lightweight plastic. rockets to be launched independently!