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    Aero Commander (Discontinued)


    3 channels digital proportional radio control Precision speed control and excellent flying stability Stabilized by sophisticated gyroscopic effect Special roto-blade system for steady lifting-up Preselected Tri-band system Power indicator for throttle Rudder Trimmer

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    2.4G Phoenix Vision

    4 Channel digital proportional 2.4G control includes complete forward/ backward, left, right, up, down control and side left/right control Flybarless propeller system for ultimate controllability Equipped with 6-axis motion sensor for controllable auto hovering system up to 2 meters Hobby grade transmitter includes various trim possibilites Precise controlling and hovering 2.4G remote control technology supports…

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    Sky Hercules (Discontinued)

    3 Channel digital proportional radio control. Giant size helicopter for outdoor. Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. Special roto-blade system for steady lifting-up. Preselected dual band system.

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    Fortress (Discontinued)

    3 channel digital proportional Radio Control Innovative rotor and control system for ultimate auto-stability and easy operation Equipped with Heading Lock Piezo gyro system Dual-band End-point selector to limit the servo movement on fore/after and yaw speed Hobby grade transmitter including various trim possibilities Replaceable Li-Poly battery pack on helicopter Rotor blades can swivel for…