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  • 84729_01
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    SpyCam Nano

    $69.99 $21.99

    Take Photo or video by flying camera or handheld camera Shoot both in Heli Form or Inside Transmitter 3 Channel control allows flying up and down, forward/backward left and right. 2.4G technology supports up to 10 helicopters

  • 84747_Xcelsior_03
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    2.4G Xcelsior

    $149.99 $119.99

    Xcelsior designed with sleek and streamline fuselage with light effects. This 2.4G 4-channel control quadcopter built with sophisticated camera module with professional rotation damping control. This damping control contributes to take smooth HD aerial video while flying and even making any sharp direction change. No worries for blur images anymore! The camera is remote controllable…

  • 84762_BluTechDrone_03-Web
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    Blu Tech Drone


    The smart, portable Blu-Tech Drone can fly in any indoor environment and be controlled with your smart device via Bluetooth by downloading the APP. With built-in Gyro and auto hovering system, navigators can enjoy stable flight and 360° flipping stunt performance.

  • 84738_Spy-Drone2-01
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    Spy Drone II

    • 2.4G 4-channel control indoor quadcopter with Industrial outlook design and light effect • Auto Hovering System able to take off, landing with press of a button • Able to perform 360˚ flip • Camera module can be manually adjusted up & down 90˚ • Photos and videos taking

  • 84759_VoyagerDrone-03
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    Voyager Drone

    Futuristic design, 1-megapixel camera turn Voyager Drone to become a decent partner for aerial photo shooting. With its headless control system pilot no longer need to worry where will be the front of the drone when controlling.

  • 84515_01
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    Aero Commander (Discontinued)


    3 channels digital proportional radio control Precision speed control and excellent flying stability Stabilized by sophisticated gyroscopic effect Special roto-blade system for steady lifting-up Preselected Tri-band system Power indicator for throttle Rudder Trimmer

  • 84765_XionFPV_02
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    Xion FPV

    Equipped with remote controllable camera, along with its unique outlook design, Xion FPV brings a whole new way to explore the world and capture break-taking scenary. Combining with the in-house design FPV goggles, now can easily to taste the immersive flying experience like real pilot.

  • 84757_SkyEyeFPV_02
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    Sky Eye FPV

    SkyEye FPV is the 2.4GHz outdoor helicopter with real-time camera equipped. Combining with the in-house design FPV goggles, now can fly like a real pilot! Detachable screen on goggles/transmitter Realtime video streaming from camera Micro SD card for photo/video storage

  • 84696_01
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    2.4G Phoenix Vision

    4 Channel digital proportional 2.4G control includes complete forward/ backward, left, right, up, down control and side left/right control Flybarless propeller system for ultimate controllability Equipped with 6-axis motion sensor for controllable auto hovering system up to 2 meters Hobby grade transmitter includes various trim possibilites Precise controlling and hovering 2.4G remote control technology supports…

  • 84730_01
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    E.C.H. Phoenix

    4 Channel digital proportional control indoor helicopter. Special Design "Easy Fly" system. Auto take off and hovering. Built-in Gyro stabilizer. Injected plastic body with streamlined design. Precise speed control and excellent flying stability. Pre-selected Dual-band system. Damping effect on throttle control allows to fly up slowly and constantly. Auto take off and hovering. Switch to…

  • 84726_01b
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    2.4G Nano Xcopter (Discontinued)

    2.4GHz Mini Quadcopter able to perform 360° flip. Support up to 10 players simultaneously without signal overlap. Built-in gyroscope delivers steady flight control. 4-Direction flips stunt actions. Built-in LED navigation light effect.

  • 84663_01
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    Sky Hercules (Discontinued)

    3 Channel digital proportional radio control. Giant size helicopter for outdoor. Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. Special roto-blade system for steady lifting-up. Preselected dual band system.