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    Program A Bot

    Your First Programmable humanoid! The fun Program-A-Bot brings lots of fun to children, kicking the ball, holding some simple objects, even being a smart room guardian. With the programmable Space Pack, children can enjoy pre-programming and controlling Program – A – Bot with 36 actions in one GO.

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    A Bump’ N Go Action Robot with distinctive features. Moonwalker features a life-like walking action and flashing eyes. With the bump and go action, Moonwalker keeps moving and offer continuous play for children. Moonwalker even can communicate with Echo-Bot for extra fun.

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    Sound controlled robot with distinctive features. Echo-Bot has flashing eyes when moving. Equipped with sound sensor and intelligent sensor, Echo-Bot is able to response to clapping and detects obstacles in his way. Echo-Bot even can “ Echo” your recording in robotic voice.