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  • 84575_UFA-01
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    Magical UFA Hovers and moves without a remote control • UFA hovers up and down - controlled by your hand or anything you hold below, by using sensory technology • Watch as UFA glides or send him flying between you and a friend • Incredible magical fun that is so easy to use • Start…

  • 84756-Marcus-01
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    4 Channel Helicopters are dedicated to advance pilot who is striving to enjoy the real flying experience like the real pilot. Not only limit to control upward, backward, turn right and left, but also perform side walking to left and right!

  • 84759_VoyagerDrone-03
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    Voyager Drone

    Futuristic design, 1-megapixel camera turn Voyager Drone to become a decent partner for aerial photo shooting. With its headless control system pilot no longer need to worry where will be the front of the drone when controlling.

  • 85883-TwinHawk-01
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    Twin Hawk

    Full function radio control Preselected Tri-bands system Easy to operate & control through slow speed fly Transmitter with Left and Right Trimmer Flying styles include hand take off, descend and spot landing, circling and gliding

  • 84515_01
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    Aero Commander (Discontinued)


    3 channels digital proportional radio control Precision speed control and excellent flying stability Stabilized by sophisticated gyroscopic effect Special roto-blade system for steady lifting-up Preselected Tri-band system Power indicator for throttle Rudder Trimmer

  • 84665_01-medium
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    Nano Falcon


    The first smallest helicopters in the world. 3-Channel indoor heli flies up and down, forward and backward, left and right. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control. Pre-selected tri band system. Slim design for transmitter.

  • 84765_XionFPV_02
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    Xion FPV

    Equipped with remote controllable camera, along with its unique outlook design, Xion FPV brings a whole new way to explore the world and capture break-taking scenary. Combining with the in-house design FPV goggles, now can easily to taste the immersive flying experience like real pilot.

  • 84758_01
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    2.4G 3-channel amphibious helicopter with built-in gyro for stable fyling Water resistant body allows the heli take off or land on water Able to run on land, float on water and fly up in the air Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control

  • 84760_NanoFalconAH_01Web
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    I/R Nano Falcon AH

    Nano Falcon AH is a 3-Channel infrared control helicopter built with auto hovering system and gyro stabilizer. Very slim body like a lip balm (just around 65mm long) but with exceptional stable flying and light effect. It will auto take off and landing with one press. Easy to carry out in your pocket and have…

  • 85735_01
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    Turbo Express


    2 channel digital proportional radio control Preselected Tri-bands system Twin Powerful electric ducted fans Left and right trimmer for alignment Highly flexible and durable foam body Precision speed control

  • 84757_SkyEyeFPV_02
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    Sky Eye FPV

    SkyEye FPV is the 2.4GHz outdoor helicopter with real-time camera equipped. Combining with the in-house design FPV goggles, now can fly like a real pilot! Detachable screen on goggles/transmitter Realtime video streaming from camera Micro SD card for photo/video storage

  • 84737_01
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    E.C.H. Spy Cam III

    Fun to Fly and take photos & video simultaneously! 3 Channel control allows flying up and down, forward and backward, left and right turn. Special Design "Easy fly" system. Auto take off and hovering. Built-in 256MB memory able to shoot up to 800 photos, or 5 mins video. Simple procedure to download photos/videos through USB cable.…