E.C.H. Delta Y

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    3 Channel digital proportional control indoor helicopter.
    Special design “Easy Fly” system.
    Auto take off and hovering.
    Built-in Gyro stabilizer.
    Precise speed control and excellent flying stability.
    Injected plastic body with futuristic design.
    Pre-selected tri-band system.
    Damping effect on throttle control allows to fly up slowly and constantly.
    Switch to manual mode and enjoy the flight anytime.

    1 review for E.C.H. Delta Y

    1. Vonnapon

      bah ignore those duiemms that answered before me The advantages varies upon the level of helicopter you purchase. In the links you have sent me, those helicopters are low quality beginner helicopters same with the planes From the links you have sent me Helicopters should be easy to hover and fly I am sure. They do not require a lot of space, and they are much easier to break. (The propellers are the biggest part of the heli when in motion that is why)As for planes, if you crash, the repair cost should cost less than the helicopters. However, they do require a big space to fly in. They are easier to fly than helicopters. They are certainly easier to land than helicopters. (in your case right now, about the same difficulty to land) Which would be better? Personally, it is up to you. If you could go outdoors, then get the airplane. If you want to stay indoors, get the helicopter. The helicopter could only fly indoors and the plane i think could only fly outdoors or in a big indoor area.RC Pilot

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