2.4G Spy Drone

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    Quadrocopters with 4 Channel digital proportional control
    Detachable camera is included able to shoot videos/photos
    Able to perform high speed video shooting up to 60 fps
    Able to perform 360° Flip when camera is detached

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    Product Description

    Sophisticated Built-in gyroscope delivers steady flight control
    2.4G Technology supports long range of control and multiple players at the same time
    Micro SD card slot to store photos & video (card included)

    6 reviews for 2.4G Spy Drone

    1. gianfranco.posta

      ho appena comprato questo bellissimo drone.
      L’unico problema è che non so quali eliche sostitutive posso utilizzare.

      potete aiutarmi?

      • Stephen Chi

        Hi Grazie,

        Please kindly contact our representatives in Italy for spare parts request:
        Silverlit Distributor – Italy (All brands)
        Address: Via A. Carruccio 181 00134 Roma Italy
        Telephone: (39) 06 713582
        Email: francesca.cordaro@roccogiocattoli.com

    2. Brandon T

      Looking all over for instructions on how to change the propellers. It’s surprisingly hard to find!

    3. heidi loholt

      How to use the sd-card and Watch video?

      • Stephen Chi

        You can either use a card reader or connect the drone to your computer for downloading the videos.

    4. Lars Solvik

      Spy drone bought for my son. It never worked. Lost user manual, and can not fond the correct one on this site. No reaction on any functions by any of the controls. What to do…?

    5. Thomas Schiefloe

      Hi Silverlit

      I have a silverlit SKYdrone. Is it possible to attach an silverlit SPYdrone-camera on this Quadrocopter? If it is possible I would like to order one. Can you help me with this??


      • Stephen Chi

        Hi Thomas,
        Yes you can buy the Spy Drone with camera, it’s detachable and should be fine to attach to Sky Drone.

    6. bram e

      how long can you fly with the battery

      • Stephen Chi

        around 4-5 mins

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