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  • 84796_SPY-RACER_03
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    2.4Ghz Gyroscope 6-axis 4 channels outdoor drone. Drone with integrated Gyroscope for perfect control of speed and stability. Built-in camera for taking pictures or videos. 360 ° rotation button and light effects. Headless mode. Motor protection: when one of the 4 rotors is locked, the drone will switch off automatically. Charging the battery via a…

  • 84785_Drone-Gripper_05
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    Drone Gripper

    2.4GHz Indoor Drones featured with a special Gripper able to carry tiny objects! Built-in Pressure sensor allows precise altitude lock and makes flying easily. 4 Channel Control 6 Axis Gyro Equipped with Altitude Lock Strong protection rings avoid hitting obstacles Land, Grip & Go

  • 84774_SELFIE-DRONE_03
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    Selfie Drone

    Enhanced version of Spy Drone II with more precise Altitude lock technology makes control much easier: Selfie Drone. Equipped with HD camera for much clear aerial photos/videos. Pilot can take stunting video while making a 360 loops in the air. Equipped with Altitude Lock Strong protection rings avoid hitting obstacles 360 Eversion Adjustable camera Micro…

  • pdt_pic_84772_v01
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    Drone Mission

    Extending the fun on Heli Mission, introducing Drone Mission with more advance play features. Equipped with Auto Hovering system, nano drone able to fly up and follow the truck automatically. 2 in 1 transmitter gives maximum flexibility to switch your control from truck to drone anytime.

  • 84724_Speed-Glider-03
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    Speed Glider

    Possibily the first RC jet able to fly indoor with limited space !Speed Glider is a hybrid indoor jet with 2 modes to control . When in Plane mode it will take-off like any outdoor plane and able to make sharp turn almost less than 1m space! Equipped with Altitude lock pilot can switch to…

  • 84738_Spy-Drone2-01
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    Spy Drone II

    • 2.4G 4-channel control indoor quadcopter with Industrial outlook design and light effect • Auto Hovering System able to take off, landing with press of a button • Able to perform 360˚ flip • Camera module can be manually adjusted up & down 90˚ • Photos and videos taking

  • 84759_VoyagerDrone-03
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    Voyager Drone

    Futuristic design, 1-megapixel camera turn Voyager Drone to become a decent partner for aerial photo shooting. With its headless control system pilot no longer need to worry where will be the front of the drone when controlling.

  • 84765_XionFPV_02
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    Xion FPV

    Equipped with remote controllable camera, along with its unique outlook design, Xion FPV brings a whole new way to explore the world and capture break-taking scenary. Combining with the in-house design FPV goggles, now can easily to taste the immersive flying experience like real pilot.