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  • 84681_Heli Combat_01
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    Heli Combat

    All round striking machine. 1 helicopter with 3 stunt action featuresTailor made docking able to slot in the featured cartridges. Include 2 Strikes + 1 Rescue Dock: Spin Top Strikes - Drop the Spin Top and will automatically spin on the ground! Missile Assault - Carrying a missile shooting machine enable to shoot up to…

  • 84677_Heli Beast_01
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    Heli Beast

    All directional walking + flying beast.. Walk like a real beast on the ground in all direction (Forward/Backward, Left/Right).. Push a button and it can jump over obstacle. Push the throttle and it can fly up. 2 channel superwide infrared control. Pre-selected dual-band system.

  • 84678_Heli TransBot01
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    Heli TransBot

    Amphibious Robot able to transform. Slide over the land and fly in the air Push a button to detach its sliding gear, turn the robot to a flying machine Include Dropping missiles for additional fun 2 Channel super wide infared control Pre-selected dual-band system

  • 84751A_SkywaveRider2-01
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    Skywave Rider II (2016 New Ver.)

    2-Channel super wide infrared control. Special propeller system for auto stable technology. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. Precise speed control and excellent flying stability. Preselected Dual-band system. Drive on land and fly in the air.