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  • 84656_01b
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    Heli Splash

    $49.99 $44.99

    The first helicopter to hold and shoot water features in two shooting modes: single squirt or continuous stream. Aim and shoot at the special water reveal targets. 3-Channel indoor heli flies up and down, forward and backward, left and right. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. LED light flashes add extra effects when shooting. Pre-selected tri band…

  • 84575_UFA-01
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    Magical UFA Hovers and moves without a remote control • UFA hovers up and down - controlled by your hand or anything you hold below, by using sensory technology • Watch as UFA glides or send him flying between you and a friend • Incredible magical fun that is so easy to use • Start…

  • 84758_01
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    2.4G 3-channel amphibious helicopter with built-in gyro for stable fyling Water resistant body allows the heli take off or land on water Able to run on land, float on water and fly up in the air Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control

  • 84757_SkyEyeFPV_02
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    Sky Eye FPV

    SkyEye FPV is the 2.4GHz outdoor helicopter with real-time camera equipped. Combining with the in-house design FPV goggles, now can fly like a real pilot! Detachable screen on goggles/transmitter Realtime video streaming from camera Micro SD card for photo/video storage

  • 84519_01
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    Space Phoenix

    Super wide infrared control. Precision speed control and rudder trimmer. Rechargeable through the transmitter.

  • 84722_01
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    Space Zeta

    3 Channel super wide infrared control Special propeller system for auto stable technology Precise speed control and excellent flying stability Pre-selected Tri-band system Equipped with powerful twin rotors Highly detail plastic body with moveable rings

  • 84721_01
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    2.4G V-Jet Mini

    2 Channel 2.4G remote control technology supports up to 10 helicopters. Precise digital proportional speed control for better flying experience. 2 play modes: Helicopter Mode: Up/Down/Left/Right Plane mode: Throttle/Left/Right Able to transform between 2 modes anytime or in the air Sophisticated VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) simply activated by a button press High detail…

  • 84719_01
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    2.4G Spy Drone

    Quadrocopters with 4 Channel digital proportional control Detachable camera is included able to shoot videos/photos Able to perform high speed video shooting up to 60 fps Able to perform 360° Flip when camera is detached

  • 84641_01
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    Space Nova

    Unique design plus super infrared control allows all directional flying. Features auto repelling technology to avoid walls and other obstacles. Special rotor system with built in auto stable technology. Flashing tri color LED Light creates out-of-this-world effects.

  • 85958_01
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    V-Jet Full Tilt (Discontinued)

    3 channel digital proportional Radio Control. Innovative wing and rotor system for VTOL (Vertical Take OFF and Landing).

  • 85978_01b
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    Heli Racer (Discontinued)

    3 channel super wide infrared control. Auto stable. Precision speed.Take off from Vehicle.

  • 85852_01b
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    Heli Mission (Discontinued)

    3 channel super wide infrared control. Auto stable and precision speed. Take off from Vehicle. Recharging through transmitter.