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  • 84729_01
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    SpyCam Nano

    $69.99 $21.99

    Take Photo or video by flying camera or handheld camera Shoot both in Heli Form or Inside Transmitter 3 Channel control allows flying up and down, forward/backward left and right. 2.4G technology supports up to 10 helicopters

  • 84652_MIArcher_05_HiRes
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    M.I. Archer


    Motion Intelligent Flying plus missile launching delivers an amazing new heli expreience. 3-Channel super wide infrared conrol heli flies up and down. forward and backward. left and right. Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. Launch up to 8 missiles with single shot or rapid fire actuation from…

  • 84747_Xcelsior_03
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    2.4G Xcelsior

    $149.99 $119.99

    Xcelsior designed with sleek and streamline fuselage with light effects. This 2.4G 4-channel control quadcopter built with sophisticated camera module with professional rotation damping control. This damping control contributes to take smooth HD aerial video while flying and even making any sharp direction change. No worries for blur images anymore! The camera is remote controllable…

  • 84640_01b
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    M.I. Hover

    $49.99 $39.99

    Amazing light effect features activate when hovering. Motion Intelligent Flying is an all new way to pilot your heli using gesture tilt controls.

  • 85658_air-acrobat-01
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    Air Acrobat

    $39.99 $35.99

    3 channel R/C with rear Elevator control. Preselected Tri-bands system Create stunt action like looping. Precision speed control and excellent flying stability. Easy to operate and control through slow to fast speed Transmitter with Left and Right trimmer. Flying styles include hand take off, descend and spot landing, circling and gliding.

  • 84702_NanoFalconXS_01a
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    Nano Falcon XS


    The World's Smallest RC model helicopter. Top Holiday Toys 2015 by  Toy Insider Award  3 Channel indoor heli flies up and down; forward and backward; left and right Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control Auto Tri-band system Slim design transmitter with charging dock Multi-purpose carry case included…

  • 84656_01b
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    Heli Splash

    $49.99 $44.99

    The first helicopter to hold and shoot water features in two shooting modes: single squirt or continuous stream. Aim and shoot at the special water reveal targets. 3-Channel indoor heli flies up and down, forward and backward, left and right. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. LED light flashes add extra effects when shooting. Pre-selected tri band…

  • 84748_NanoTandem_01Web
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    Nano Tandem


    Nano Tandem is a nifty miniature helicopter delivers an exceptional flying fun as well as to be collectible. 3-channel infrared control RC helicopter with twin rotors that easy to fly everywhere in very stable way.

  • 84761_FalconMission_04
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    Falcon Mission


    Slim and lightweight Nano Falcon now ready for next mission with it's own heli carrier. With 1 Transmitter now can control both Helicopter and truck. A simple button press the truck will transform into helipad to launch the mini helicopter.

  • 84762_BluTechDrone_03-Web
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    Blu Tech Drone


    The smart, portable Blu-Tech Drone can fly in any indoor environment and be controlled with your smart device via Bluetooth by downloading the APP. With built-in Gyro and auto hovering system, navigators can enjoy stable flight and 360° flipping stunt performance.

  • 82412_Gyro_Zee-01
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    2.4G Gyro Zee

    $59.99 $49.99

    Pop the ultimate wheelie then keep driving on 2 wheels.. Built-in gyro technology and internal weight shift delivers this incredible feature.. Full function radio control to drive forward, backward, left and right.. Two sided driving add to the fun with non-stop action.. Activate the Gyro Zee wheelie with the touch of a button.. Watch Gyro…

  • 88482_TrainMyDino_03-Web
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    Train My Dino


    2 play modes: Wild mode: Wild Actions Chase around and roar loudly Training mode: Put on neck cuff, the Dino behaves mildly Full spectrum of robot with distinctive plays! Train your Dino to follow you! Full Remote Control: the Dino moves or follows you Intelligent Sensor: Touch its head, the Dino will follow your instructions…