Can Macrobot interact with Mazebreaker?

Yes, they can sync with your own recordings and dance together.

How to set up challenge mode of Robo Kombat?

Switch on one robot that you’ll control and then switch on another robot which is your opponent (do not press any buttons on your opponent’s controller if you want to play challenge mode).

After around 10 seconds your opponent will start punching automatically and you can control your own robot to start fighting too.

Pokibot jiggle on the spot and make robotic voice but doesn’t respond to claps

Normally pokibots won’t listen to other user commands when they are performing different actions. You have to wait until they are idle (not doing anything), in order to receive any user commands.

Tips: Instead of clapping, try use a pen to knock gently on pokibot’s head to dance, repeat recordings and group dance, if it works that means the toy is fine. Sometimes clapping maybe interfered, hence affecting the actual performance.

Spy Cam 1 – Software

Download the Spy Cam 1 software here


iOS 8 or Above

Android 4.3 or Above

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